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Seattle is the heart of coffee and Pike Place Market is the heart of Seattle. Storyville Coffee comes from the heart of the heart and assumes the role and responsibility to usher a world of coffee lovers into a new tomorrow.

We throw around words like FRESH, DIALED, BEAUTIFUL, HOME, and LOVE EVERYBODY but we don't throw them around lightly. We're Seattleites who have honed our craft for 7 years and we believe two things. We're ready and so are you. Come put us to the test.....please.

Can We Be
Open With You?

Designed with you in mind by four world-renowned, award-winning design firms working in concert with teams in Munich, Seattle, Vancouver and Orlando. This Storyville vision is now a reality.

Keep it simple and make it great are two phrases that have inspired and propelled us on this quest to prove that you know the difference.

Our service starts while you’re still sleeping and hours before we're even open...everything matters. It's realized when you make your first eye contact with your barista. Around the moment you realize that you’re not expected to buss your own table...it becomes surreal. Service is from the heart and you can feel, see, hear, smell and taste the difference.

This is where art and science merge and talk goes out the window. This is where we've focused the core of our brand. Come tell us how we're doing.

Ever wish you could enjoy a frosted cinnamon roll or a slice of chocolate cake right out of the oven, still warm? At Storyville we've taken a stand against tired, stale food that looks ok stacked in a case but leads to guaranteed disappointment. We actually don't care if it makes sense to be this fanatical and by the way we think it does.

Baked Fresh,
In House,
All Day Everyday

Life is too short for a bad cup of coffee or a bad attitude, and this world has enough of both. So the humans of Storyville want our shop to be an oasis and feel like an endless Storyville sunset. Your favorite peaceful hang. We believe our LOVE EVERYBODY mantra is where simple meets profound!

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