Water Kettle

Anticipate the start of your perfect cup. Our kettle will take your coffee experience to another place. With the flip of a switch, the 52 ounce, electric powered stainless steel thermos heats your water in under three minutes. At just the right time, the kettle automatically shuts off, allowing you the freedom to enjoy your ritual. More info…

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Burr Grinder

Precision meets beauty. The Storyville Conical Burr Grinder stands out from the rest, producing an exceptional, uniform grind that leads to the perfect cup of Storyville Coffee. Thoughtfully designed to give you the control you need. More info…

Stainless Steel
Coffee Press

Fall in love with the ritual. Our Coffee Press not only looks stunning on your counter, but it’s the simplest way to deliver a perfect cup of coffee every time. Enjoy the aroma and flavor produced when precious oils, stolen in a drip machine, are delivered to your cup. Available in two sizes: 32 or 48 ounces. More info…

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The perfect pair. The world’s most popular ritual just got a whole lot better. Whether it’s for you or your guests, we don’t call it The Essentials for nothing. Includes the Conical Burr Grinder and a 48-ounce Coffee Press. More info…

Freedom I

The Complete Home Brewing System. This is the foundation of it all. The Freedom I was created to bring passion and focus back to your ritual. We’ve designed every step of the coffee journey – each piece articulately designed and packaged to offer you and your guests a truly exceptional brewing experience. Everything you need to take your ritual to the highest level. More info…

Mug & Demitasse

Understated Elegance. Emblazoned with Flyboy, our 12-ounce Porcelain Mug or 3-ounce Espresso Demitasse will inspire you every day, with each sip. Made from high-temperature ivory porcelain, these fine-grade vessels are dishwasher safe. More info on Demitasse or Porcelain Mug.