A Simple Pleasure.
A Desperate Need.
A Beautiful Dream.

Storyville Coffee is a privately owned, Seattle-based specialty coffee company with a mission to end human trafficking. Storyville has been shipping exquisitely roasted fresh coffee all around the US since 2006. Our four Seattle shops demonstrate our passion for beauty and excellence.

Private Reserve Subscription

A For-Giving Company

When you subscribe to Storyville Private Reserve, you will enjoy the most delicious, perfectly roasted, highest quality, freshest coffee there is. But what’s more, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that with every cup, you are part of a world-changing effort to end human trafficking.

Storyville donates to reputable, effective organizations who have a vision and a plan, but lack the funds, to put an end to the worst problem in the world.

Our Subscription Program
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How it works…Subscribe to receive Storyville Private Reserve coffee every two weeks. You will be impressed with the cost–only 65 cents per cup! The coffee is shipped the same day it is roasted. You won’t be able to keep quiet about the amazing flavor and smoothness, so you will tell all your friends. You will join thousands of Storyville fans whose mornings begin with the Storyville brewing ballet. The word will spread. More people will subscribe, and together, we will make significant strides forward in the fight to end human trafficking.

A Simple Pleasure. A Desperate Need. A Beautiful Dream.

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