We are feeling the love.

"The dark wood, cozy fireplace, and hot coffee was the perfect combination for relaxing and starting my day... An absolute must-try!"

Ailene S.

“The best coffee I have ever had in my life.”

Becca M.

“Love the coffee here! It is consistently smooth and rich.”

Erica S.

“During my 4 day stay in Seattle, I went to Storyville 3 times. I just couldn't get enough of this place… This is literally the perfect Instagram coffee shop, I kid you not.”

Yennhu N.

“Really cool ambiance.”

Brian H.

“Awesome crafted coffee! Great vibe!”

Raul A.

“Creamy and well balanced espresso, their own freshly roasted coffee, and organic full fat cow milk as it was intended to be when espresso was first invented in Italy.”

Sergey Z.

“In love with the mochas from this place.”

Maggie L.

“I loved my time at Storyville! I had a Mocha (delicious) and a breakfast sandwich (beyond delicious).”

Caprice C.

“By far the best coffee place I've been to in Seattle… EXCELLENT cappuccino with almond milk... So good I came back for another two hours later.”

Cake P.

“Coffee is rich and smooth. One of my favorite coffee spots in Seattle.”

Sana S.

“The *best* vanilla latte I have ever had.”

Jessica H.

“Stopped here with a couple friends, tried latte, macchiato, hot chocolate, almond croissant and lemon cake. It is all amazing.”

A N.

“5 STARS all the way around.”

Leo L.

“Wonderful coffee!”

Heather V.

“I cannot express enough how much I loved the coffee at Storyville! It blew me away.”

Melissa B.

“Hands down the best latte I had in Seattle.”

Be O.

“Totally delicious Almond milk lattes!!!!!”

Glenn R.

“Absolutely amazing!!! My favorite cappuccino I've had in the entire Country.”

Daniel G.

“The coffee beverages are off the hook here.”

Dean L.

“Such a great coffee shop, the baristas are super friendly & are super welcoming. Their vanilla latte is amazing!”

Jessica B.

“So flavorful and sweet. Way better than Starbucks, IMO."

Rachel F.

“Great coffee and atmosphere.”

Kayla W.

“Great coffee, and great service.”

Joe G.

“Super delicious coffee."

Jay L.

“Definitely one of the best lattes I've ever had… 10/10 would recommend.”

Lucas H.

“I love this coffee shop. And it's not just the coffee that keeps bringing me back, it's the customer service.”

Jenny K.

“Love this place! From the unique design and decor to the wonderful coffee and house made pastries.”

Khaleel G.

“Seattle is the center of the country when it comes to coffee shops and you're never far from one; and most of them are really good. But Storyville sits atop of the list!”

Ryan L.

“One of my favorite spots in Seattle. Consistently blown away by the customer service, quality and immaculate space. The coffee and pastries are some of the best in the city with a freshness that keeps me coming back.”

Rebecca L.

“Best coffee & pastries in Seattle. 100% every time.”

Joshua S.

“Great service, drinks, and pastries.”

Elizabeth D.

“Great service, great coffee, amazing atmosphere. Not to mention my barista made AMAZING foam. What a beautiful way to spend my morning.”

Katie H.

“I am giving this coffee shop five stars not only for their coffee but for their service!”

Prachi G.

“Love this coffee spot!! Best experience ever.”

Tolerance L.

“I had the mocha latte (it's a latte with chocolates melted in). Ermygawd, to die for. Highly recommended.”

Lily W.

“Amazing coffee!”

Elizabeth L.

“Very well done cappuccino… Lovely atmosphere and terrific service.”

Jana G.

“One of my favorite coffee shops in Seattle. Cozy atmosphere, the staff are all friendly, and the coffee is great.”

Nozomi M.

“Storyville is the quintessential Seattle coffee shop. For a city that has one of the largest coffee companies in the world, it is remarkably rare to find a café with as nice of an ambience as Storyville combined with top notch coffee.”

Henry Z.

“Best coffee my friends and I have ever tasted.”

Hala S.

“I only had a latte here, but wow, they made it perfect. It had that rich, creamy, perfectly-blended consistency that all great lattes have… Storyville does it right and I'll be happy to come back again.”

Sm. L.

“Great coffee, great atmosphere… the cinnamon roll was likely the best I've ever had.”

Erik J.

“Best coffee in Seattle!!!”

Nancy P.

“Storyville was just what I needed on my last morning in Seattle. True to their name, you will feel like you walked right into a storybook with the insta-worthy atmosphere and coffee here.”

Anna R.

“Wowwwwwwwww!!!! This place is wow!! Coffee is wow! Everything is wow… It’s a must try coffee in Seattle!!”

Reta B.

“This is my go-to coffee place in Pike Place Market. I've tried almost every coffee on the menu, everything's delicious!”

Rupal R.

“Great coffee, friendly staff, and fantastic ambiance."

Lori D.

“Most incredible place. The coffee is phenomenal, food is so great. The ambiance is so simple, calming and productive.”

Snez V.

“Amazing coffee! I tried other places in Seattle (I'm a coffee addict), but nothing compares to this place!”

Pravina K.

“I love this place… the coffee never lets you down.”

Rachel N.